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Turner Tree Service is proud to offer safe and reliable tree removal in Fairfield, CT and surrounding areas. We are insured and carry a wealth of experience to take on the toughest tree removal projects.

There are a variety of reasons trees must be removed from your property. When a tree is dying, its structure is likely to be weak and can run the risk of damaging nearby property. As the tree grows, its structure will continue to grow weaker, maximizing the danger it poses to adjacent structures. When you add inclement weather to the mix, the risk increases at an alarming rate.

Living trees often need to be removed as well. The most common reason we remove trees is to clear out space for an impending renovation project. If you are about to install a deck or add a room, for example, Turner Tree Service offers fast and effective tree reduction services to make way for your intended project. Moreover, trees with a fast growth rate in a small area also run the risk of obstructing nearby sidewalks and disrupting neighboring plants.

As part of our renowned tree care, we can also remove large limbs that run the risk of falling and damaging property, and we can remove limbs that are damaged, thereby saving your tree while always making sure that there is no mess, leaving your yard immaculate every time.

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